Relationship coaching

Deep down in our core we all have a longing for connection with others, be they friends, family, or loved ones. Our relationships can be healthy and nourishing to out soul and deeper needs, or they can be dysfunctional and a source of pain and stress

Career coaching

Coaching is an excellent way to discover what you truly feel passionate about, what excites you, as well as what self-defeating patterns you have that prevent you from pursuing your ideal career. Coaching can also help you in creating more abundance in your life, in a way that is aligned with who you are and not compromising on your values

Coaching for Health

The physical body is a vehicle of our most basic self-expression on earth. And like any vehicle it can either take us to our goal or break down and leave us far from the finish line. Coaching is excellent for seeing how your actions are creating the body and health you have

Coaching for Joy & Bliss

Coaching can help you find your inner being that knows true joy and happiness and through the coaching process you will realize where you have been holding on to negativity, and how can you create an emotionally authentic life where you are true to yourself.

Coaching for Clearing Blockages

As human beings, our thoughts, beliefs, programs, values and emotions have a tremendous impact on our inner self and what we manifest. When our inner content doesn’t support us we can experience such things as blockages, resistance, self-destruction patterns in life…

Leadership Coaching

Simply put, the world is hungry for authentic leadership and the old way is no longer working. Years ago, a leader was supposed to be strong, rigid, uncompromising, tough, more of a drill sergeant that was meant to scare the crap out of you in order to motivate and get you going