Release your full Potential


Healthy and Nourishing

Identify Your Core Needs

Identify Destructive Patterns


Find Your Passion

Discover Your Ideal Career

Create Abundance


What is Your Body Telling You

Understanding your mind

Feel energized, vital and alive

Joy and Bliss

Reach for Joy and Bliss Within

Give Up Negativity

Become True to Yourself

Clearing Blockages

Find What Impacts You Most

Recognize Your Blockages

Experience freedom, power, success

Leadership Coaching

What is Leader? (Now and Before)

Most Common Mistakes

Developing Leaders Out of Bosses



Life Coaching

Mastermind Coaching

Leadership Development

Personal Development

Value-Based Living: The Hero’s Journey

Manifesting a Goal

Building Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Self-Appreciation, and Self-Respect

Living With Joy

Discover and Manifest your Perfect Career and Life’s Work

Clearing Blockages

Health coaching

Relationship coaching

Business Development

Developing an Ethical Value-Based Business

Effective Communication Skills

Essential Neuro-Linguistic Programming


“Working with Boris is regaining Peace of mind and being able to look clearly at life. I have worked with Boris for a special goal and the tools he helped with allowed me to open my eyes at the obstacles that were blocking my way and my sight throughout my life. Boris is a serious, honest, empathetic personality. He can point out what could be blocking your path.”

– Ana Maria Abi Chahine –

“Working with Boris was not only a great honour for me but he also performed a significant role in my career change process. Thanks to Boris and his exceptional listening skills he supported me and helped me raise my awareness to be able to see my possible way forward. Extremely helpful and professional coach.”

– Dina Lazarova –