Hi there!

My name is Boris and helping people through the magic of coaching is my passion. I am a professional Life & Executive Coach with extensive coaching training.

I consider myself a humble and passionate student of human nature and spiritual principles applied to daily living. I have spent over 30 years studying ancient sources such as esoteric traditions, metaphysics, magic, yoga, martial arts, Tai Chi, as well as more modern approaches like psychology, physics, Reiki, Coaching and NLP.

My main goal is non-dogmatic learning and growth for the purpose of increasing self-awareness and using this awareness to dissolve internal conflict and lead an authentic, heart-centered life.

My niche and specialization is holistic coaching.

What is holistic coaching?

Most people want to be someone else, achieve something that someone else has achieved, or just have the life that the media, TV and movies tell us is worth having? Holistic coaching teaches that you cannot effectively be someone else; instead you focus on the core of your being, discovering your authenticity, and deriving your self-identity, goals and visions from this space of being your authentic self. It sounds simple, but it is a process of great self-discovery.


Warrior of light

Find Your Core Self and Release the Power Within

Coaching is a vehicle that can give you access to your core self, and all the power, wisdom, vision, creativity and courage that is there deep within you. From here you can change, shift, heal, transform and evolve in the direction that is in alignment with your authentic self, creating a life that is a reflection of your true self.

Coaching offers this and much more. It is not only a path of achieving, but a path towards self-love, self-acceptance, and self-mastery. You will discover your self-confidence and inner power through coaching and use this awareness to live a more fulfilling life