Coaching, Business and Personal Development Programs

~ Provided by Boris Pavlov Coaching ~


We are pleased to offer multiple program options at Boris Pavlov Coaching.  They are ideal for both individuals or groups, self-employed or in the corporate sector. Whether your interest is personal development or building skills for the business world, everyone can benefit from our coaching programs.

We divided our services into three areas: coaching, personal development and business development.

Life Coaching (Individual and/or Group Coaching)

Overview: We offer individual life and executive coaching according to the globally recognized core coaching, non-directional model. Individual coaching can take place in person or virtually.

We also offer group coaching within your company. There is no limit to the number of participants, including executives and managers, or entire departments. Coaching is the success technology of the 21st century. You will love it!

Mastermind Coaching

Workshop Overview: The Mastermind Coaching technique has been used for many centuries by leaders all over the world. It was made more available to the public by select American industrialists in the early 1900s and has since been used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and select business development courses. This workshop develops problem solving skills by using group resources – the energy, experience, wisdom, insight, intelligence and creativity of the group, and to create shifts in one’s personal and professional life. Many successful companies use the Mastermind Coaching technique in their daily operations and problem-solving sessions.

Leadership Development

Workshop Overview: For over a decade there has been an emphasis on changing the meaning of leadership and its role in business and society. This new image and vision today encompasses community wide aspects of leadership that go far beyond simple command and control. This workshop will focus on this new, updated vision and assist you to develop the personality traits and skills to begin awakening the leader within. Learn power, self-confidence, courage, respect, balance, and much more.

Value-Based Living: The Hero’s Journey

Workshop Overview: As the world becomes more interconnected, people everywhere are more aware of the inconsistencies within dogmatic beliefs and values, and the counterproductive and incongruent attitudes and behaviors permeating society. People worldwide are starving for values and across social and economic classes and are looking for a more personalized life filled with growth and aliveness. In this workshop we explore a profound technique for discovering your core values and how to use this awakening to develop your own code of ethics based on your values, on who you are deep within. The goal is clarity of living, lessening of inner push-pull and resistance, a return to who you are and the  development of goals to create a life that will flow out of your values instead of external “shoulds”. We become acquainted with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and how you can use these principles to live a life of greatness. Develop true personal power and self-confidence.

Manifesting a Goal

Workshop Overview: In this workshop we will explore a technique and approach to achieve the things you want in life such as a new job, increased income, weight loss and many others. This technique is easy to learn and doesn’t require any previous experience with coaching, NLP or other self-help methods. Learn how to be clear about what you want, how to set goals based on your values, identify limiting beliefs, self-coaching, and much more.

Effective Communication Skills

Workshop Overview: Whether in personal life or business, talking to one person or managing a group of people, effective communication is a key skill in the 21st century. There is a science behind effective communication. Learn how to interview people, develop questioning skills, how to transfer and communicate ideas, solve problems, manage and lead people, learn how to hear what people are saying and thinking, develop rapport and much more. A key workshop for any leader or manager.

Building Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Self-Appreciation, and Self-Respect

Workshop Overview: Your external world is a reflection of what is going on internally. If you desire a life that is fulfilling, joyful, happy and gives you a sense of aliveness and satisfaction, you will need to learn how to live in integrity with your inner self, and awaken the qualities of self-respect, self-appreciation, self-worth and self-esteem. By developing these qualities, you set-up a behavioral blueprint of who you are and what you want to experience in life. By being these qualities and reflecting them through your behavior, you will create a shift in your external life and experience a life of deeper satisfaction and fulfillment. Coincidently, these are the qualities of every successful leader.

Relationship coaching

Deep down in our core we all have a longing for connection with others, be they friends, family, or loved ones. Our relationships can be healthy and nourishing to out soul and deeper needs, or they can be dysfunctional and a source of pain and stress.

Health Coaching

The physical body is a vehicle of our most basic self-expression on earth. And like any vehicle it can either take us to our goal or break down and leave us far from the finish line. Coaching is excellent for seeing how your actions are creating the body and health you have.

Living With Joy

Course Overview: This is a 3-part year long course on healing and evolving the emotional self, and developing emotional, social and spiritual intelligence in order to live a life of pure joy and happiness. Joy doesn’t depend on the external situations in your life. In fact, joy is the art of living and there is a science, a principle behind living an emotionally healthy, balanced and satisfying life. Learn how to be in a state of joy no matter what is going on around you.

Discover and Manifest your Perfect Career and Life’s Work

Course Overview: This 2-day course will help you find your values, dreams, and longing in life. Find out what is your true mission and purpose in life. Learn how to recognize the essence of what you want, how to set goals, and how to realize the money, structures and people you need to make your life’s work a reality. Develop the qualities you will need to succeed and attract prosperity and abundance. Learn how to overcome fears, limitations and blockages.

Clearing Blockages

Workshop Overview: Who we are and where we are in life is a product of the quality and quantity of energy we have available. When energy is blocked, scattered, frozen or dissipated, we experience internal turmoil, conflict, resistance, self-sabotage, lack of will and aliveness, loneliness, lack of focus in life, and much more. In this workshop we will give you many techniques to work on transforming your personality, emotions and mind in order to break through old patterns, old pain and blockages. These techniques will assist you in birthing a new you – one of power, love, peace and clarity, a you that is able to live and manifest your ideal life and destiny effortlessly.

Essential Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Workshop Overview: This workshop aims at introducing the basics of NLP, and through practical exercises provides the tools to recognize and interpret body language, voice patterns, work with thoughts to set goals, identify blockages, discover solutions, change limiting beliefs and activate the power of creative thinking for problem solving. The technique uses advanced concepts including  miracle questions, logical ladders and more.

Developing an Ethical Value-Based Business

Workshop Overview: This workshop is ideal for managers and businesses that are in the early stages of their company growth and development, as well as senior companies that face an increasingly complex problem dealing with the needs of people in the organization. Learn how to discover your company values, see where there are conflicts between managerial and employee values vs the company values, then learn how to translate company values across departments, how to incorporate employee values in your company, and much more. Create an internally solid, stronger company based on holistic and ecological principles. Learn how to deal with ethical challenges and dilemmas in your business.