“Working with Boris is regaining Peace of mind and being able to look clearly at life. I have worked with Boris for a special goal and the tools he helped with allowed me to open my eyes at the obstacles that were blocking my way and my sight throughout my life. Boris is a serious, honest, empathetic personality. He can point out what could be blocking your path.”

– Ana Maria Abi Chahine –

“Working with Boris was not only a great honor for me but he also performed a significant role in my career change process. Thanks to Boris and his exceptional listening skills he supported me and helped me raise my awareness to be able to see my possible way forward. Extremely helpful and professional coach.”

– Dina Lazarova –

“Boris has an amazing calming energy and a holistic approach to coaching that helps you calm down, and go really deep in your sub consciousness to find answers. He helped me to go through some obstacles and make a clear decision by listening intuitively for the unspoken and see what is beyond what I am saying. Great coach and I highly recommend him.”

– Limba Veselinovik –

“Boris is a professional coach. He is fully committed to the client during the session. He knows how to listen, to comprehend and to offer an alternative solution that is both encouraging and motivating. He doses the coaching techniques, using them at the right time, by supporting and accepting the client’s position on the matter at hand. It is a pleasure to work with him as a client.”

– Varvara Cukic –


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